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Ocean Rocks


Passion   |   Purpose   |  Potential

Live your purpose with passion and reach your potential, again and again. 

Life can get busy, to the point where the noise is too loud and our calling can't be heard. This is your safe space to listen internally, be heard and seen, and be held accountable for following through on that divine calling. 

Whether you're a professional, student, stay-at-home parent, or anything in between we are all here to live at our highest capacity.

Connect to your truth, so you can express your personal power, and create the life you are excited to live every day.

Plan includes 13 in-person* sessions (or online if preferred) which can be booked over 3 months.

*Local, up to 20km. Travel >20km and accommodation (where necessary) is compensated by the client and charged in advance of the appointment.

72 hours cancellation notice required.

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