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I Can’t Get No Satisfaction... What Can I Do? Step 1

An excerpt from my Interview With Drew Gerber

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From an objective standpoint, we are living in an unprecedented era of abundance. Yet so many of us are feeling unsatisfied. Why are we seemingly so insatiable? What is going on inside of us that is making us feel unsatisfied? What is the brain chemistry that makes us feel this way? Is our brain wired for endless insatiable consumption? What can we do about it? In this interview series, we are talking to credentialed experts such as psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, brain science experts, as well as spiritual and religious leaders, and mind-body-spirit coaches, to address why so many of us are feeling unsatisfied & what we can do about it.

As a part of this series, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Ralitza Spassova.

Ralitza has a background in medicine and teaching and has found her calling as a Life Alchemist and Transformational Authenticity Coach. She is passionate about inspiring people to follow their true calling, using her P3 Alchemy Method which addresses the mind-body-spirit relationship and importance of balance. P3 stands for Passion, Purpose, Potential — she believes there’s a wealth of power within each of us, and when accessed via passionate pursuits, can create a life of alignment with our purpose and help us reach levels of our potential unimaginable by most, resulting in joy and pure bliss.

Ok... ready?

Step 1: Slow down!

Become aware of what’s taking you out of your essence — this is the state in which you feel inherently worthy, expansive and unshakable.

When we slow down, breathe and turn off our sympathetic overdrive (also known as the fight-flight-fawn or freeze response) and instead embody the parasympathetic (most commonly known as rest and digest) nervous system response, our physiology changes. Our hearts and minds slow down, we are able to have access to higher-order functioning neurologically, and make better decisions.

Our conscious awareness of what’s happening in our body and how our life feels to us is accessible in this state. When we start to pay attention to what lights us up, what makes us feel alive and aligned, vs what makes us feel heavy, tight and constricted, we can start to make decisions from this place of awareness. From this place, we are nearly impossible to manipulate, and can stand in our truth — including embracing and experiencing gratitude for all that we DO have (step 2).

Please sign up for the Authenticity Calling Online Course (coming soon) for guided prompts and personalizable/downloadable materials to support you in stepping into your satisfaction.

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