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Grow Your Vision

Imagination is the preview of life's coming attractions.

- Albert Einstein

The Workshop

Join our transformative workshop for individuals seeking to align their experiences with their desires. Whether you're at a crossroads, feeling lost, or seeking guidance, this tailored journey is for you. Break free from limitations and create a vision that resonates with your authentic self.

90-minute Workshop + 30-minute Q&A and Laser Coaching


This is for YOU if:
💥 You are feeling lost or unclear on what you want or what’s next for you.
💥 You know your desires but are feeling stuck.
💥 You are excited about your goals but are overwhelmed. 
💥 You have glimpses of your vision but hesitate to dream bigger due to fear.

💥 You desire a co-creative space with the power and synergy of community.

💥 You want to elevate and expand what's possible in 2024.


Explore the Power of Desire:
🪄 Gain permission to vividly imagine your dream life.
🪄 Step into the role and become the author of your narrative.
🪄 Establish a profound connection with your intuition.
🪄 Attain clarity on your true desires.
🪄 Learn the art of creating a life in perfect alignment with those desires.

Walk Away With:
💫 A clear, written vision that feels exciting, expansive, and attainable.
💫 Understanding how to make choices that align with your intuition.
💫 Unleash your creative potential and define your path.

💫 Become empowered to take aligned action towards manifesting your desires. 

This workshop is your gateway to clarity, alignment, and the fulfillment of your deepest aspirations.

We look forward to serving your highest calling in 2024 and supporting you in your creative process. 

See you on January 6, 2024 at 9am PST/12pm EST 

With appreciation, 

Sweta & Ralitza 

Co-hosted by Sweta Patel, Founder of Inspire Possibilities

Meet Sweta, Transformational Coach


Sweta Patel is a transformational life coach that has worked with elite life coaches, teachers, and mentors to study and apply personal growth and wellness practices, along with coaching techniques, which have transformed her life from 18 years in corporate to trusting and taking a leap of faith into finding more purpose.  


Deeply inspired by her own transformation she is now dedicated to inspiring possibilities for individuals that are searching for ease and balance to connect with their inner guidance, discover clarity, and consciously create a life in alignment with their passions and purpose.


She  recently completed a year-long certification program with the ICM (Institute of coaching mastery) and is currently working towards ICF ACC accreditation.  She supports individuals through one-on-one coaching, groups, and workshops and has experience coaching clients to move onto a path that feels “right” for them, where they feel motivated, energized, and excited about what they’re creating in their lives.


Co-hosted by Ralitza Spassova, BSc, MD

Meet Ralitza, Life Alchemist and Transformational Coach


A Catalyst for Change, Visionary Leader, and Advocate for Human-Centered Transformation, Ralitza is a seasoned change professional, driven by a profound passion for optimizing the human experience across all realms of life. With a holistic perspective, she champions progressive health solutions with efficiency and depth, drawing from her multifaceted experience as an instructor, administrator, physician, personal coach, and entrepreneur, holding a Doctor of Medicine degree.

Ralitza's mission is to guide individuals towards a more fulfilling life. Through her distinctive P3 Alchemy Mastery Method, she empowers her clients to gain clarity on their values and visions, providing a roadmap for aligned action. Ralitza's approach seamlessly blends strategy, intuition, and coaching mastery, addressing blocks and fears on five levels—somatic, emotional, mindset, behavioral, and unconscious.

Embark on a transformative journey with Ralitza, where possibilities are boundless with the right support. Discover your potential, clear obstacles, and live a life that authentically resonates with who you are. With Ralitza by your side, almost anything is possible!

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