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Balance   |   Synchronicity   |   Freedom

Life happens for you, not to you...
"Sometimes it just takes a little perspective and loving guidance to see it, and use it to fuel your journey into the most aligned and authentic version of  yourself!"
Ralitza Spassova, BSc, MD

Yoga at Home

2024 Masterminds

The 2024 Masterminds are for Conscious Leaders who want it all! 

This is a dynamic and empowering coaching service that caters to the aspirations of conscious women who are striving to achieve success, balance, and fulfillment in all areas of life, not by WORKING HARD, but by taking aligned action, with the energetic support of the universe.

This exclusive mastermind program offers a comprehensive approach to personal and professional growth, tailored to the unique challenges and goals of conscious women ready to embody their next evolution in perfect alignment to their soul's calling! 

Our Services

There's no better time to optimize your potential and prioritize yourself, than now.

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Book a Free Discovery Call

Let's take 15 minutes to get acquainted, so I can make sure this service is right for you!

Please be sure to go somewhere quiet and confidential so we can discuss your goals and intentions for our time together


Clarity Call

We'll spend 45-60 minutes diving deep into what's possible when we work together to transform your current challenges, blocks, triggers, and dreams into steps toward walking in your most aligned, abundant and fulfilling life.


Dive In!

Sign up for one of my services which includes live-online group, and/or 1:1 sessions to support you in creating a life you love, by transforming from the inside out.

This is true fulfillment at the core because life is a mirror. 

"To be completely honest, I left feeling amazing and when life issues came up, I noticed that the setbacks are short lived and I'm able to find some ground, put in the work and be happy"

Mom of two,
Calgary, AB

"By working with Ralitza, you will absolutely feel her magic while also uncovering your own, so you too can step into your own power and take action in your life"

Tara C., Personal Trainer, Portland OR



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