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Yoga at Home

"Life happens for you, not to you"

Sometimes it just takes a little perspective and loving guidance to see it, and use it to fuel your journey into the most aligned and authentic version of  yourself!



There's no better time to optimize your potential and prioritize yourself, than now.

"By working with Ralitza, you will absolutely feel her magic while also uncovering your own, so you too can step into your own power and take action in your life"

Tara C., Personal Trainer, Portland OR

Anonymous, Calgary AB

"To be completely honest, I left feeling amazing and when life issues came up, I noticed that the setbacks are short lived and I'm able to find some ground, put in the work and be happy"

Healthcare Tech Leader,

Dubai UAE

"I'm so in awe of your gift... I've been more mindful in every decision I make. You have a gentle, kind and knowledgeable way of helping me experience understanding my behavior"

Contracts & Control Specialist
Richmond, BC

"I would recommend this program to anyone who feels in a loop, who needs an accountability and life coach to feel into their best self, whether that be for business, personal and/or relationships"


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